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Seawall Repair Services
We help homeowners and businesses repair seawalls and bulkheads that are showing signs of failure due to soil loss or sinkholes forming behind the wall. Our process is fast, cost-effective, and helps stabilize the soil so it doesn't happen again.
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Concrete Raising Solutions
Slab Lifting with geotechnical polymers is an efficient and cost-effective method for leveling slabs without the need to excavate or replace.
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Polyurea Manhole Lining
Polyurea liners help protect sewer infrastructure systems from degrating or fall apart. The process lines the structure and stabilize weak points to create a contiguous water control barrier.
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Underground Infrastructure Joint Sealing
Stormwater and sanitary sewer systems are susceptible to Inflow and Infiltration and leakage, which can be damaging to the environment, public works budgets, and the pipe itself. Often times the repair is a costly and intrusive affair, but not with our polyurethane joint sealing solution.
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Void Filling Solutions
Voids, that form underneath slabs or adjacent to structures such as homes, seawalls, or underground infrastructure, are issues that can cause serious damage. Our void filling solutions fills the void and restores the soil bearing capacity in a single application.
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Soil Stabilization
Our polyurethane soil stabilization services help densify and compact soils for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes. From controlling water intrusion to slab leveling and stabilization to
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About Statewide Foam & Coatings Inc.

Statewide Foam & Coatings has provided foundation repair, soil stabilization, infrastructure rehabilitation, and soil stabilization services for over 15 years. Through innovative technologies and industry-leading experience, we have helped customers overcome their maintenance challenges while extending their budgets. It’s all part of our goal to develop cost saving solutions for long-term results. 


Your Trusted Soil Stabilization and Infrastructure Repair Contractor

Helping businesses and homeowners stabilize their buildings and infrastructure in Florida and Maine for over 15 years.


Our solutions-focused approach helps ensure our customers they are receiving the best repair to fit their needs.  We are continuously evaluating and adjusting the latest in chemical grout technologies and designs.  Because of this, our customers are able to repair their structures with solutions that balance cost and longevity. 

Maine Seawall Repair Contractor

Is your seawall experiencing sinkholes, cracking, or separation? The issue is likely due to the soils eroding away due to tidal flow.  This causes voids to for, soil loss, and results in seawall failure. 

Our Seawall rehabilitation process is a fast and effective way of stabilizing and densifying loose soils, filling voids, and sealing cracks, all without excavation or replacement. The process can be completed in a single day with minimal interruption to your home or business. It’s also a long-lasting repair that will help prevent future soil loss and failure. 

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