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Polyurea Manhole Liners

Polyurea liners are an excellent solution for rehabilitating manholes, pump stations, lateral lines, and culverts.

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About Polyurea Manhole Liners

When manholes begin to show signs of degradation, replacement may not be the best solution. Replacing a manhole is a major affair, you have to excavate the existing manhole, shut down utilities, interrupt traffic flows, and incur heavy costs.

Rehabilitating your manholes with polyurea liners is a fast and cost-effective method for extending the life of your manhole without the need to experience significant operational stresses. With Polyurea liners, we can rehabilitate almost any surface, from masonry to concrete, and provide an abundance of benefits to your infrastructure system!

Benefits of Polyurea Liners:

Polyurea Manhole Liner Florida and Maine

How Polyurea Liners Work

Our polyurethane-polyurea hybrid system is designed for use as a high strength backing material or surface liner for stabilizing masonry surfaces. It adheres to the surface forming a high strength bond that keeps water out. Additionally, the polyurea liner helps create a contiguous mass of light-weight material that helps create a structurally sound structure. This no-excavation manhole liner helps extend the life of manholes, pipes, stormwater drains, culverts, and a variety of other subgrade infrastructure systems. 

Polyurea Brick Manhole Liner Contractor Florida Maine

Polyurea Liners require no excavation, can be installed in hours, and is quick curing so you don’t have to worry about set times. The system is installed within the manhole, limiting the need for heavy equipment or large crews.

Our polyurethane-polyurea blends are light-weight with impressive strength. This means we will add minimal weight to the manhole structure, mitigating risk of failure or stresses placed on support soils or nearby infrastructure. 

Our polymers set up to 95% capacity within 15 minutes, unlike other solutions which require 24-48 hours and ideal soil conditions. 

Our polymers are environmentally inert and have no impact to the environment or groundwater.

With minimal downtime to public transit or the manhole, combined with avoiding replacement, minimal crew sizes, and cost-effective material costs, we beat the competition in terms of cost, installation times, and community disruption.

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