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Seawall Repair

Statewide’s seawall repair solution is a no-excavation application that is quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

Florida Seawall Repair services

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Seawall Repair with Polyurethane

Geotechnical Polyurethane injection, is the perfect solution for rehabilitating seawalls and bulkheads that have shown signs of failure. In a single application, polyurethane stabilizes and densifies loose soils, and seals cracks or leaks in the seawall. This process rehabilitates the seawall, extends its useful life, and helps prevent future soil loss. This fast and cost-effective seawall and bulkhead repair solution is the option of choice for business and home owners alike.

Benefits of Seawall Repair with Polyurethane:

Seawall Soil Stabilization Maine and Florida

How Seawall Stabilization Works

Polyurethane is injected in a vertical and horizontal pattern. The dense layer of polyurethane compacts and bonds the soil around the seawall, preventing water seepage and soil loss that could cause the seawall to sink or crack. The polyurethane solution aggressively seeks out and fills voids, and seals cavities, cracks, and crevices. The result is voids are filled, soils are compacted, cracks are sealed, and the soils are stabilized against future washout or failure.

Why Our Polyurethane Solutions Work

Our polyurethane soil stabilization process is ideal for seawall and bulkhead repair.  The light-weight polymers help stabilize and densify loose soils, fill voids, and reestablish soil connection to the seawall or bulkhead to prevent future erosion or failure. 

Our polymer injection application is a no excavation rocking slab stabilization solution, allowing for minimal impact to your structure. Our project footprint is minimal, requiring a small trailer, a hose running from the trailer, and small 5/8″ holes that are drilled through the structure to give us access to drive our rods to target locations and inject our high-density polyurethane.

We use polyurethanes that are light-weight, reducing added weight to the area. This is a major advantage because often times treatment is required because a structure’s weight is too much for the geology of the area.

Our polymers set up to 95% capacity within 15 minutes, unlike other solutions which require 24-48 hours and ideal soil conditions. After 15 minutes, the material can be driven on and take on heavy loads

Our polymers are environmentally inert and have no impact to the environment or groundwater.

Not only is our process the fastest and most effective foundation and slab lifting application, but it is the most cost-effective too.

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